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COVID-19 Impacts on Google Business Services

Right now, Google is limiting certain functionalities of its Google My Business service and that could have a huge impact on businesses, especially those that may have hour changes due to the coronavirus.

How to get more online reviews for your business

Getting online reviews from your customers is vital to growing your business in this digital age. We'll walk you through some best practices for getting and managing your online reviews.

49 Social Media Post Ideas for Your Small Business

Social media is an ever-growing presence in this digital era. More and more people are reaching out to your business on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more! So how do you keep up and keep your followers engaged?

How To Rank In A City Where You Don't Have An Address

Want to rank better on Google in a city where you don't have an address? Check out these tips to rank better in your service areas.

How to Add a Custom Favicon

If you want your website to make an impression and be worthy of the bookmarks bar, consider adding a custom favicon.

How to Add Blog Feed

If you want your blog to have a prominent setting on your homepage or somewhere else on your site, consider adding a blog feed to different pages.

How to Add Subpage Listings to a Page

This tutorial will teach you step by step how to create and add a subpage listing to your website.

How to Use the Rollback Feature in Umbraco

If you’ve ever made a change and then had second thoughts, then this tutorial is for you. Umbraco utilizes a rollback feature that reverts edited pages to original versions.

How to Add a New Blog Category

Blog categories help people navigate quickly through the different topics you discuss. This tutorial will teach you how to create new categories.

How to Add an Author to a Blog

If you want to add a new blog author to your Umbraco posts, this tutorial will show you how.