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Frequently Asked Questions

When we created Smartly Done Websites we did it with a specific niche of customer in mind. Customers who want professional help getting their site built, but who want to be involved in the process to help manage the cost.

We want to help empower you to build as much of your site as you feel comfortable with. When you encounter situations beyond your experience, you can rely on our team of experts to help you. 

If you've tried building your own website using some of the popular online website builders but you just weren't satisfied with the results - Smartly Done Websites is perfect for you. Unlike those website builders, you won't be on your own. 

If you are considering using Smartly Done Websites to build your site, you should start by exploring our Starter Kit demo site. It will demonstrate to you the flexibility and capability of our system.  You can also review our Facebook page to see examples of finished projects other customers have launched using our service.

Check out our pricing page and decide what level of service you feel most comfortable with. Do-it-yourself with the support of our team, available to answer your questions and point you in the right direction.  Or, choose to have an in-house project manager guide you through the process and help you along the way.

We have a menu of a la carte services you can choose from if you want more help.

Still not sure if this would work for you? Call us, we'd be happy to answer any of your questions.

The Do-it-yourself plan is great if you have experience building or managing websites with other content management systems or if you are generally technologically savvy.

With the DIY plan, we will set up a copy of our Starter Kit on a development URL and provide you with an administrative account to manage the content management system.

Our team will train you on the content management system online, or face to face if you happen to be in the Idaho Falls area.

As a part of your monthly hosting fee, you have access to technical support provided by our in-house team. If you are having trouble with the content management system or can't remember how to do something we talked about in the training you can call our team for help.

Technical support does not include us working on your site for you, such as loading or styling content, customizing your design, etc.

When your site is ready to go live, we will help you make the necessary updates to your domain name. If you need a domain name, we can help you register one, for a small additional annual fee.


If the idea of building your entire site on your own is too intimidating, but you think you could do it with some extra help - you are exactly who the Boost plan is for.

With the Boost plan, you get everything described in the DIY plan, but with some extra help to ensure your project gets successfully off the ground.

We will assign a member of our team to be your project manager. Your project manager is your direct point of contact to help you through the process of building your website.

Your project manager will schedule a project kick-off meeting with you, to train you on the content management system, and also give you advice as you plan out the work ahead. They will stay in contact with you all along the way, offering expert advice, encouragement and helping you overcome any roadblocks you encounter. 

Think of your mentor as your co-pilot, helping you avoid as many bumps in the road as possible. When you get in really tricky spots, they can even take the wheel and help straighten things out.

Your project manager will take care of customizing your website colors and fonts. They will be a great resource to you, but unless you pay for additional services, it is still your responsibility to organize your site and load your content.  

When you believe your website is ready to launch, your project manager will run your website through our internal site launch quality control process, to help tuck in any loose ends and ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible for your debut.

Our team consists of professional designers, programmers, writers, digital media specialists, and digital marketers. We can help you:

  • develop custom functionality
  • customize your site design
  • edit or write site content
  • edit or produce logos, graphics, photos or videos

If any of these services sound enticing to you, visit our Additional Services page for details and pricing.

Take some time to explore our Starter Kit demo site. The Starter Kit demonstrates the capabilities your site will have. Look at the styles you can choose as the starting point for your website's design. When looking at the styles pay particular attention to how the logo and main menu are treated in each one. Make sure you pick one that will work well with the shape of your logo and give you plenty of room for all of the links you'll want in your menu.

Also, spend some time exploring the page components. Components are the building blocks of your website pages. There are many to choose from and each one is highly configurable. You can add any combination of components on any page, in any order.

You can change the logo and site-wide colors easily using the Content Management System.

You can also customize your fonts, but you might need our help with that unless you are a pro with CSS.

Yes, you will own your website. Any and all content that you load on your website will also remain your property.

Yes, but if you need multiple sites, you must pay the setup fee for each website.

Yes. All of our sites are built on top of Umbraco, a full-featured, open-source ASP.NET MVC Content Management System (CMS). Using Umbraco you will be able to easily add, edit and delete pages, manage the content on each page, control the links in your navigation, upload images and other assets, such as PDF files, etc. We will provide you with training to help you get comfortable using the CMS.

Our free support includes live phone and email support. We don’t outsource our support; all of your calls and emails come directly to a member of our team. This support includes help with the content management system or any technical problems with your website. It does not include training on HTML, CSS, Javascript, SEO, etc., although we will gladly point you to online resources to help you learn if you desire. Working directly on your website is not considered support, but we do offer a wide array of additional services on an a la carte basis.

The base monthly hosting fee is $22/mo. This includes the hosting of your website, a Let's Encrypt SSL certificate, and an SQL Server database used by the CMS.

If you don't have one already, you will need to acquire a domain name for your website to use. You can use any domain registrar you choose. We manage our domains with Godaddy. If you prefer, we can register and manage your domain name for you. For .com, .net. .org and .info domains, the fee is $15/year. For other TLDs such .co, .us, .biz, etc. the fee can vary. Please call us and we can help you determine what the annual fee would be.

Your website hosting fee does not include any email addresses, but we can help you.  We are authorized resellers for Google Workspace (formally G-Suite) and Microsoft 365.  Both are great business-class email solutions.  Click here for more details.

Of course! Do you think we’d use it for the name of our site if it wasn’t? Honestly, we like the sound of it so, yeah, we would. If you’re still unsure about its legitimacy, here’s a phonetic spelling and two definitions pulled right from your friendly Google dictionary.


1. in a manner showing quick-witted intelligence or skill.
"a smartly conceived menu"

2. in an attractively neat and stylish manner.
"he was dressed smartly in his suit"

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