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  • Is a Smartly Done website a good fit for me?
    • If you are thinking of using Smartly Done to build your website, you should start by looking at our Design Gallery. If you find a design in the gallery that you really like and you feel you can use for your website with minimal customizations, then Smartly Done is a good fit for you.

      Some customizations are very easy and quick to make, such as changing out fonts and colors.  Even hiding unnecessary sections on the homepage can be done very quickly.  However, making big structural changes, such as creating new homepage sections, drastically re-organizing the layout of a page, etc., will almost certainly take more than the two hours of customization that come with your setup fee. If you don't see a design in our Design Gallery with a layout that matches 90% of what you are looking for, then you might be better off having a custom design created.

  • What all can be customized with my selected design?
    • The fonts, colors, images, and text are all completely customizable. We can also hide a section of a design if you don’t feel it’s necessary for your site. Try to pick a design that is as close to what you want as possible, because additional changes to the design can take up a lot of time, and only two hours of time with our team is included in your setup fee. You may approve more customization time with our team for an additional cost - $80/hour at quarter-hour increments. We will not charge you any additional fees unless you approve it.

  • Do I own my website?
    • Yes, you will own your website. See "What does the setup fee get me?" for full details. Any and all content that you load on your website will also remain your property.

  • What does the setup fee get me?
    • The setup fee grants you one license to the content management system, one license for your selected website design, two hours with our team to customize your website (changing colors, fonts, hiding unnecessary sections, etc.), a live training session, and help loading your content on your home page and two interior pages (home page only if you pick a one-page design). You will need to provide all of your own content (text, photos, videos, graphics, etc.). If you need help writing or producing any content (text, photos, videos, graphics, etc.) we can help you for an additional fee.

  • Can I copy the design to use for a second website?
    • Yes, but if you need multiple sites, you must pay the setup fee for each website.

  • Will I be able to maintain my website myself?
    • Yes. All of our sites are built on top of a full-featured ASP.NET based Content Management System (CMS). Using the CMS you will be able to easily add, edit and delete pages, manage the content on each page, control the links in your navigation, upload images and other assets, such as PDF files, etc. Our live training included with your setup fee will mostly focus on getting you comfortable with using the CMS.

  • What kind of support is offered?
    • Our free support includes live phone and email support. We don’t outsource our support; all of your calls and emails come directly to a member of our team. This support includes questions and help with the content management system or any technical problems with your website. It does not include training on HTML, CSS, Javascript, SEO, etc., although we will gladly point you to online resources to help you learn if you desire. Loading, writing or editing content (text, images, photos, videos, graphics, etc.)  is not considered support, but we can do this for an additional fee - $80/hour at quarter-hour increments.

  • What will I need to do before my website can go live?
    • The first step is to contact us and let us know what design you would like to use.  Once you return our contract and pay the setup fee, we will need one to two business days to get your new website staged and ready for you to start loading content. We will provide you with a temporary URL that can be used to manage the website until you are ready to make it live on your own domain name.

      You will need to prepare all of the content (text, images, photos, videos, graphics, etc.) that you want on your website. This will be your most difficult part of the process.  We will help you load the content on your homepage and two interior pages (unless you choose a single page design).  We will then provide you with live training on the CMS so you can finish loading the rest of your content with confidence.

      Once we have helped finished loading your homepage content (and two interior pages, if applicable), you will have two weeks to finish loading the rest of your content before your monthly hosting fees begin.  You can take as long as you need before you make the website live.

  • How much is the monthly hosting fee?
    • For informational websites, the monthly hosting fee is $22/mo. This includes the hosting of your website, a Let's Encrypt SSL certificate, a SQL Server database used by the CMS, and two email accounts. 

      There are no other recurring fees for your website unless you elect for us to provide additional services such as manage your domain name, etc.

  • Do I need a domain name?
    • If you don't have one already, you will need to acquire a domain name for your website to use. You can use any domain registrar you choose.  We manage our domains with Godaddy. If you prefer, we can register and manage your domain name for you.  For .com, .net. .org and .info domains, the fee is $15/year.  For other TLDs such .co, .us, .biz, etc. the fee can vary, please call us and we can help you determine what the annual fee would be.

      There are no other recurring fees for your website unless you elect for us to provide additional services such as manage your domain name, etc.

  • Do I get any email accounts with my website?
    • Yes, your monthly fee includes two 5GB mailboxes. You can request additional 5GB mailboxes for $2 per mailbox per month.

  • Is “smartly” really a word?
    • Of course! Do you think we’d use it for the name of our site if it wasn’t? Honestly, we like the sound of it so, yeah, we would. If you’re still unsure about its legitimacy, here’s a phonetic spelling and two definitions pulled right from your friendly Google dictionary.


      1. in a manner showing quick-witted intelligence or skill.
          "a smartly conceived menu"

      2. in an attractively neat and stylish manner.
          "he was dressed smartly in his suit"