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These are great designs, but their content management system is much more limited than our new designs. These designs are more hard-coded, so changing things on the home pages, for example, would require our designers and programmers. If you like one of those designs a lot and feel you could use it without too many changes they could still be a good option for you.


No. 44438

This design incorporates fade-in/slide-in loading and scrolling effects that give off a clean, sophisticated vibe. This is our first design that makes a video background possible at the top of the home page. This design comes blog-ready to allow you to categorize stories and articles to share with the world, and perhaps help with some online marketing!

No. 16015

This design allows full-screen images to capture the user right away and keep their attention as they scroll down the page. Upon scrolling into each section of the homepage, the user is greeted with a fun animation that slides in from the side. This effect makes for some added sophistication while still keeping the site fun and friendly.

No. 34573

This is one of our simpler designs, but remember, it's just an example. We can match a color scheme to your brand to make this design pop. The icons allow you to apply more colors throughout the site, allowing better readability by giving the user's eye an anchor to engage with. Take a click through this demo and you will see a variety of ways that you can break up your content with the use of a grid, or by implementing a gallery.

No. 71003

This design features a succinct slideshow area that allows more content to come above the fold. Alternating bands of content from the white background to each background image help keep the viewer engaged with a stop-and-go feel throughout the homepage.

No. 26713

This design is all about simplicity. With the navigation tucked away in an open-on-demand concept, it allows your viewers to be focused on the the page's content. The home page features distinctive sections for different types of content in a variety of layouts. Although the contrast in this demo is a high point, a monochrome look can give this design a sense of sophistication and elegance.

No. 18433

This design features a header with the opportunity to put all of the most important information at the top of the page on all devices and screen sizes. After the large slideshow, you're given a variety of content area types with images and customizable icons to showcase the aspects of your project that make you stand out from the crowd. The base price is $750. An additional $250 is required to access all of the e-commerce functionality.

No. 58560

Parallax scrolling effects, overlapping elements among other elegant styles, will catch the viewer’s eye throughout the entirety of your home page. This blog-ready design has everything you need to get your project off the ground.

No. 79793

The header in this design, followed by a color-tinted slideshow, gives you several chances to direct your viewers to the most important parts of your website right out of the gate. This design offers visual anchor elements like styled headings, icons, and images to carry the viewer through the whole page. It features a complex tabbed content section, allowing you to talk about several aspects of your project in one section.

No. 82637

Many factors of this design encourage the viewer to click through different segments of the website. Tiled blocks overlapping with the slideshow entice the viewer to scroll through the homepage, where they are presented with a variety of sections to interact with. This blog and e-commerce ready design is the ultimate package for kickstarting your next project. The base price is $750. An additional $250 is required to access all of the e-commerce functionality.

No. 83439

Elements with subtle opacity changes make for a sophisticated look on this homepage design. The clean grid and sectioned out homepage will make your website feel organized, making it easy for the user to get to the most important parts of your website. By having the option for two different slideshows on the homepage, you're able to condense more content into smaller spaces, allowing your viewers to flip through and see more content.

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