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Including a Google map on your page reduces confusion to your location by clearly providing the correct directions. Adding a map might seem complicated, but by using an embed code, the process can be simplified.

Step 1: After choosing the page you want the map to be on, create a new Grid Layout component. This can also be added to the Embed Code and Text components. 

Scroll down to the “Content” section, choose the column configuration you want, and click add content. Select “Code”.

Step 2: Go to Google and search for your location using Google Maps. Find and open your business's Google listing and click share.

Step 3: There will be two options for sharing, the first is to send a link and the second is to embed. Click embed a map, select a size, and copy the HTML.

Step 4: Once the HTML is copied, paste it into the code box on Umbraco. Click save and publish.

Step 5: Once the content is published, visit your site to make sure it looks correct. You may need to fiddle with the sizing on Google or change the width and height in the code yourself.

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