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How to Add a Page to Your Website

Adding pages to your site is how you add content and grow your site. This tutorial will teach you how to quickly and easily add new pages. 

How to Create and Add Reusable Content to Pages

Reusing content gives your website a cohesive look and simplifies the work for you. This tutorial will instruct you on how to create and add reusable content to pages.

How to Add Social Links

In this tutorial, you will learn how to add links to your social media accounts onto your website.

How to Update Your Footer Contact Information

This tutorial will show you how to update the contact information that appears in the footer of your website.

How to Add a New User

This tutorial will cover how to add a new user to your website.

How to Log in to Your Website

This tutorial will cover how to log in to your website.

How to Add a Blog Post

If your website has a blog, you should be posting to it regularly. Blogs help increase traffic and boost your site’s SEO. This tutorial will show you how to create a blog post in Umbraco.

How to Build a Good Homepage

An efficient and aesthetic homepage is important. As the first page your visitors will notice, your homepage should encourage visitors to stay on the site and follow through on your call to action.

How to Update Your Main Navigation

Your navigation bar is critical for people to find information on your website. If you want to add, delete or reorder your navigation, this tutorial will show you how.

How to Sort Components

This Umbraco tutorial will cover how to sort components on your page. Sorting components will change the order in which sections appear on a specific page of your website.

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